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2009-03-23 00:23:46 by gamegurrl

Yeah, sure, I'm a different kind of girl. I have a best friend with the one of the only things we have in common is the love for randomness, I like to play counter-strike and kill the hell out of those players/Bots (specifically, in deathmatch)l; I like to look at stuff in the electronics part of the mall, I don't go crazy over cute stuff (including boys) and I don't hate/love excessively the color pink. I just find it way too feminine. (No I am NOT tomboy) The last time I went to a horror house (walking) was in a school fair... I don't think I even screamed.... I laughed even. They kept grabbing my feet (which was annoying) that my shoelace got undone. See? DIFFERENT! (yay!)
(sorry 'bout the display picture... noob at photoshop)

Anyways, planning to make a flash. Good Luck to ME! WHOOT!



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2009-03-23 00:32:05

Yup Good Luck :D

gamegurrl responds:

Thank you!


2009-03-23 01:11:25

Well, good luck.

gamegurrl responds:

Thank ya'!


2009-03-23 01:40:09

name the diff colors of a strawberry muffin

gamegurrl responds:

EVERY COLOR! with food coloring, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! wooh!


2009-03-23 02:20:20


gamegurrl responds:

Ice cold! wooh!


2009-03-24 01:27:50

good luck to your stranger

gamegurrl responds:

TORTURE GAME! wooh! (and thanks!)


2009-03-25 11:43:23

Cool electronic stuff is amazing in stores and Counter-Strike does own lol shoelace got undone at horror house gutter so what is your flash going to be about? im gonna start learning flash too

(Updated ) gamegurrl responds:

while i'm figuring out what you just said (thank you for the opinion), i will start BRAINSTORMING!


2009-03-25 17:42:17

Good luck.

gamegurrl responds:

well then THANKS!


2009-03-30 12:32:51

Good luck, I'm in the same boat as you with flash. What system are you using to make flash movies?
I'll take you on in a Halo 3 sniper match any day. BRING IT!

gamegurrl responds:

I'm using adobe flash CS3 professional... good luck to you too, person!

I accept your request FOR A FIGHT! to WAR! >:)


2009-04-01 16:45:58

THE COMMIES ARE HERE! SAVE YOURSELF AND JUMP THE BORDER (not to Canada)! USE THAT BOOK FROM EVIL DEAD AND RAISE RONALD REAGAN AND GENERAL PATTON (and for the love of our lord and savior do NOT ask for Micheal Moore's opinion)! STOP BUYING CHINESE FOOD AND LEAD PAINT TOYS! STICK TO MADE IN USA STUFF (that was manufactured in Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, Brazil and any other 3rd wworld country EXCEPT CANADA)!

(Updated ) gamegurrl responds:



2009-04-01 14:26:46

i have a friend just like you, except she plays exbox, not c-strike.(the sad part is is that she is awesome at deathmatch, but sucks at nazi zombies. now guess which one we always find her playing)

(Updated ) gamegurrl responds:

i guess she always plays nazi zombies... and anyways, i love deathmatch! :D