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Browsing around la' neighborhood.

2009-02-13 05:39:33 by gamegurrl

I'm browsing through newgrounds looking for a good game to play/ video to watch. I found good Techno songs here, though. please feel free to comment or PM. Comments WILL BE APPROVED. you have been warned. Please don't say anything that will annoy/frustrate/piss me. Intrams is coming next week, gonna have volleyball thisyear. Good luck 4 Friday the 13th, hope you don't die. Survive until tomorrow since its Valentine's Day!
Here's a doodle I made ESPECIALLY for V-day!

Browsing around la' neighborhood.


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2009-02-14 16:00:07

I did'nt die cuz im too awesome,so fuck you fate

gamegurrl responds:

...... whatever lame-o.