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2009-01-31 22:30:09 by gamegurrl

Ok, first of all.. I am not a girly-girl who likes bunnies, the color pink, make-up and all that other mushy stuff. Second of all.. I like anything weird, random, yucky, scary, gruesome, cats and anything that has illogical humor etc, etc... I don't like Twilight (either the book or the movie) unlike other girls.. and I love doing anything reckless and dangerous anyways PM me if you want or just comment... and sorry to bunny-lovers.... (P.S. The banner, icon and display picture are all computer-drawn so it isn't so detailed.. so...yeah... whatever...)


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2009-02-11 06:36:02

I wonder how come you hate bunnies so much Miyo :O Anyways i'm about to ea --- *dies* .

(Updated ) gamegurrl responds:

.... I expected you to die 2 days later... you know, Friday the 13th? Oh wellz. see you later >:). Oh yeah, and i hate bunnies because they're too girly :P


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